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bKash Payment and Betting Websites in Bangladesh

bKash Payment and betting websites in Bangladesh
bKash Payment and betting websites in Bangladesh

Without any doubt, bKash is among the top mobile payment platforms in Bangladesh. Established in 2011, bKash is fully regulated by the Bangladesh Bank and a subsidiary of BRAC Bank Limited. This mobile payment platform enables its users to send and receive money, purchase airtime, and pay bills on the go through their mobile devices.

One of the most popular use of bKash in Bangladesh is for online casino payments. This article provides more information on how to use bKash as a reliable payment system for online betting websites in Bangladesh.

bKash Payment for Online Casino Platforms

Before you can operate an online betting platform in Bangladesh, you need a reliable payment platform that can be used to deposit and withdraw funds successfully. Most betting platforms in Bangladesh enable you to use bKash as a payment option. Depositing funds through bKash is not only fast and instant, it is also encrypted using high-level Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption which guarantees a safe and secure online transaction.

bKash also allows users to withdraw funds from your preferred online betting platform in Bangladesh. This payment option is usually processed instantly. However, processing some funds can take up to 24 hours to complete. This makes bKash one of the most suitable mobile money processing solutions for online gaming and betting.

Fees Charged by bKash

bKash charges between Taka 15 and Taka 1000 for withdrawals carried out on the bKash app. However, using the USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) channel will attract a fee of Taka 18.50 while transfer between users is completely free.

Using bKash with Top Casino Websites in Bangladesh

Without any doubt, bKash is among the most reliable and secure mobile payment platforms used by popular betting sites in Bangladesh. Although you might want to know the top betting websites that support bKash, this article will provide all the information you need.

Several betting websites allow users to make deposits and withdrawals through bKash as well as offer welcome bonuses. Examples of such betting websites include Babu88. bKash allows you to deposit funds instantly on these betting platforms and enjoy amazing welcome bonuses. Also, withdrawing funds from these platforms via bKash is fast, easy, and secure.

Top 5 Bangladesh Online Casinos Using bKash (Updated in 2022)

In 2022, there’re many bKash betting platforms are available. These betting platforms offer a wide variety of online games as well as different offers and bonuses for both new and old users. Apart from these, you stand to enjoy a user-friendly platform with amazing customer service. Some of the top betting platforms for 2022 are:


Babu88 is one of the few online casinos that started accepting Bkash payments. It was one of the pioneering online casinos to quickly accept digital payment options in Bangladesh. Because of this, many local Bangladeshis prefer to place their bets on Babu88.

Through bKash’s reliable and instant payment system, you can enjoy a new level of gambling experience iin Babu88.


1xbet is among the most reliable betting platform in Bangladesh that supports the bKash payment system. 1xbet allows users to place a bet on different kinds of slots, casino games, and table games. It also offers access to more than 50 different sports markets from different places in the world.


Bet365 was founded in 2001 and is currently dominating the online sports betting market. Apart from having access to a myriad of casino and sports games, the platform allows users to deposit and withdraw funds through the bKash payment system.


This betting site is also among the prominent online gambling site available. It was launched in 2006 and provides access to different thrilling local video games, casino games, live games, and sports from different parts of the world.


Betfair is a top-flight online gambling platform established in 2000. Betfair allows users to gain access to its numerous sport and casino gaming options by easily making deposits and withdrawals via the bKash payment system.

bKash Mobile Application

the Bkash mobile application is available on both Android and iOs platforms. This has made it much easier for a user to deposit funds into their preferred online betting site on the go. Registering via the app also offers users amazing sign-up bonuses. The app is compatible with most android and iOs devices and can be downloaded directly from the bKash website. However, without installing or downloading the app, users can also view their casino account information on the go by using any web browser to access their bKash account.

Wrap Up

Without any doubt, betting platforms in Bangladesh that support the bKash payment system are usually among the top betting sites in the online gambling industry. These platforms usually allow users to easily and instantly deposit and withdraw funds into their betting accounts. Additionally, transactions performed on these sites have been secured using high-level SSL encryption to prevent hacks and data breaches. These betting websites offer access to a wide variety of table games, slots, live games, and sports games. The most amazing part is that users can enjoy numerous benefits and real-time customer service.