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Babu88 Affiliate


In 2014, Babu88 opened its doors to all Bangladeshi sports punters. The gambling platform allowed Bangladeshi punters to place bets on their favourite sports at a site which offers highly competitive odds. Thanks to these competitive odds, the sportsbook has risen to become one of the leading online betting sites in the country.

Since its inception, Babu88 has embraced different tools and features all with the aim to make life easier and more convenient for its punters and partners. One such feature is its affiliate program, the Babu88 Affiliate. In this article, we are going to explore what this affiliate program is all about, how you can join it and the benefits you stand to get once you become a member.

What is the Babu88 Affiliate

Babu88 Affiliate is the affiliate program offered by Babu88 Sportsbook, one of the leading online gambling platforms in Bangladesh. The program as the brainchild of Babu88 was launched as a way of helping to share the revenue that the sportsbook gets from its huge support base. The beauty of the program is that anyone is free to join hence anyone is free to get his or her fair share of Babu88’s revenue!

How the Babu88 Affiliate Program Works

The Babu88 Affiliate is quite a simple program. There are two ways in which you can reap profits from the affiliate program. Firstly, you can simply head over to the referral tab when you access your account. On this tab, collect your referral code and proceed to share it with your friends and family circle. For each friend who registers at Babu88 and proceed to deposit funds using your referral link, you reap the affiliate rewards.

Secondly, you may head directly to the affiliate tab where you provide your details and select the promotional tools you prefer receiving. Provide the email address where you would like to receive these promotional tools. The promotional tools that you receive come in different forms which may be pictures, slideshow graphics, and videos among other promotional materials.

Once you receive the promotional tools, you are free to distribute and share them with your audience on the platform of your choice. The most common platform used by most affiliates is a website/blog. As folks browse through the website/blog and see the Babu88 promotional tools, they can (and most instances, will) find the tools appealing. As such, they will want to check out the Babu88 site for themselves to see all that the site offers.

When folks use the promotional tools on your site to head over to the Babu88 site, the embedded codes on the promotional tools they click will inform both you as the affiliate and Babu88 that there is one referral. For each referral that you send to Babu88 (from your website/blog via the promotional tools), you stand to receive lifetime rewards if they proceed to register their accounts and deposit funds.

The key thing to note about the Babu88 Affiliate program is that the more referrals you get, the bigger and better rewards you stand to receive.

Babu88 Benefits and Revenue Sharing

There are just so many reasons why you should opt for the Babu88 Affiliate program. Below, we are going to expose and explore all these:

●         Affiliate at the Best Bangladesh Betting Site: Babu88 happens to be the most popular online gambling platform in Bangladesh. As such, when you become an affiliate at this site, you know that you are guaranteed to receive all the benefits due to you. Babu88 is so concerned with its reputation that it won’t do anything to taint its picture by short-changing affiliates.

●         The site uses an MGA license which guarantees fairness

●         All affiliates are provided with a loyal financial policy

●         The program offers convenient banking methods for all deposits

●         There are great safety and security protocols put in place to protect affiliates’ data

●         Customer support platforms are open 24/7 to offer assistance to affiliates at any time

On the revenue-sharing front, all affiliates at Babu88 receive up to 1% lifetime commission from their referrals’ deposits. On top of this, the affiliate and referred friend will both receive a total of 500 taka when they cash in 2,000 taka or more.

The Babu88 Affiliate program comes with three levels of participants that are in those falling in Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Below is a table illustrating what they stand to scoop depending on their current level.

Level 10.7 of downlines
Level 20.2 of downlines
Level 30.1 of downlines

How to Become a Babu88 Affiliate

It’s quite easy to become a Babu88 affiliate, the first thing you need to do is to access your account. You do this by launching the official site available at https://babu88official.com. Afterwards, undertake the login process by providing your security credentials that is, your username and password. Of course, you do this if you have registered your account already. If not, the first thing you need to do is to set up your account by clicking the ‘Register’ button.

Once you have accessed your account, depending on which route is much preferable to you, you can either head over to the ‘Referral’ tab to generate your unique referral code or head over to the affiliate page where you provide your email address to receive the promotional tools which you can share thereafter on different platforms with your friends and family circle.

Key Terms and Conditions of the Babu88 Affiliate

●         The Babu88 Affiliate is open to everyone for as long as they are in a jurisdiction, they can access Babu88 accounts from

●         Only those who have attained the age of 18 are permitted to become affiliates

●         Commissions can be withdrawn at any time provided the affiliate has a balance of at least 200 taka in his or her account.

Customer Support Platforms

All affiliates or prospects can seek any assistance they need in relation to the affiliate program when they use the live chat platform available 24/7 or send an email at [email protected].