How to Play Baccarat?

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Baccarat is known to have existed since the 14th century, way before Blackjack was introduced in casinos. The game’s popularity rose after being featured in the all-time hit James Bond movies.

As casino games travelled the journey from land-based to online casinos, so did Baccarat! Many variations of Baccarat exist in Bangladeshi online casinos such as Babu88.

Though it looks complex on the face, Baccarat is a straightforward game. Even a beginner with a basic understanding of the 52-card deck can understand and master the game.

This article will introduce you to the basics of the game, how to play it, payouts, house edge, and some common Baccarat variations you find in online casinos.

How to Play Baccarat

The Basics

The game is played with 6-8 standard decks of 52 cards. The baccarat tables can host up to 14 players, but the common tables accept eight players. Each player on the table can place bets on three betting fields: Player Wins, Banker Wins, or It’s a Tie. The winning bet is the one that has the closest total to 8 or 9.

Please note that the players do not bet on the cards in their hands Baccarat. The game only revolves around betting on the cards dealt in the two playing fields. In some games, there are side bets such as the Banker or the Player field getting a pair.

Banker or the Player

Point System

The points are valued as follows:

  • Cards between 2-9 are counted at their face value
  • Aces have 1 point
  • Face cards and 10’s have 0 points

If the total of the two cards exceeds 9, the total is considered after deducting 10 from the number, so even if the total goes 18, with two 9 cards, the actual points will still be considered 18-10=8.

Dealing of Cards

Two cards are being dealt on each field. If the total on the two cards results in an 8 or 9 or naturals on either side, the round instantly concludes, and the winners are paid out.

No more cards are added to the players’ side, even when they have a 6 or a 7. The Banker’s side Stands if they get to a total of 7.

However, if no side has a natural total, one more card can be added to the ‘Player’ field or the ‘Banker’ field.

The dealer adds a third card to the Player field if the total on the two cards is between 2 and 5.

However, the rules for adding the cards to the Banker’s field when it has specific totals are as follows:

  • 0/1/2: The Banker field gets a card.
  • 3: The Banker can get a card if the player’s third card is between 0-9, but not 8, in which case they cannot get the third card.
  • 4: The Banker gets a third card if the player’s third card is between 2-7, but not 0, 1, 8, and 9.
  • 5: The Banker gets a thirds card if the player’s third card is between 4-7, but not 0-3, and 8-9
  • 6: The Banker gets the third card if the player’s third card is 6-7, not in case of any other card.

Commission and House Edge

In most Baccarat games, the Banker’s bets are charged a 5% commission, which means even when the players win the banker’s bet, they would still be paid after deducting 5%. That is how the casinos make money on Baccarat.

The house edge depends on the number of decks being used. With the standard 8-deck game, the Player’s bets have a house edge of 1.24%. Even with the commission, the Banker’s bets have better odds, with a house edge of 1.06%.

The Tie bets have a high house edge and payout 8:1 or 9:1, depending on the Baccarat game. The house edge is 14.4% with an 8:1 payout and 4.85% with a 9:1 payout. The winner bets payout 1:1, while the banker bets pay 0.95:1.

The probability of winning on the Banker’s bet is 45.8%, and the Player’s bet is 44.6%. The likelihood of a Tie is 9.6%.

Baccarat games RTP can range between 98%-99%.

Game Flow

Let us now understand the flow of the game step by step.

  1. Find a casino that has your preferred Baccarat game.
  2. Register if you do not have an account, or you can simply log in.
  3. Deposit money in your account.
  4. Search the Baccarat variant from the game lobby.
  5. Place the chips you want to bet on any of the three fields: Player, Banker, and Tie.
  6. The dealer deals the cards on the Banker and Player fields.
  7. The totals on each side are deduced. If any side has a total of 8 or 9, the game is immediately concluded, and the wins are credited to the winning player’s account.
  8. If neither side gets an 8/9, the third card is dealt.
  9. The points are calculated, and the game concludes.

Baccarat Strategies

There is not much of a strategy in Baccarat, as the game rules are simple. However, players can set specific patterns for putting their bets. Based on it, there are different betting systems that you can use. These are broadly divided into:

  • Flat Betting: Under this, you will place the same irrespective of the win/loss.
  • Martingale Betting System: In this negative progression betting, you will double your initial bet after a loss and reset it to the original bet after a win. This strategy can stretch your bankroll in case of consecutive spins.
  • D’Alembert Betting System: In this, you will start with a specific number of chips, which is not too high or too low and should cost approximately 1% of your budget. You will reduce your bet by one chip after a loss and increase it by one chip after a win. This strategy is also popular in its reverse form and is known as Reverse D’Alembert.
  • Labouchere: It involves setting a random sequence and deciding the betting chips by adding the first and the last digits of the sequence after each betting round.
  • Paroli: Also called Reverse Martingale, it is a positive progression system. With each win, the bet is doubled, and the bet amount will stay constant with a loss.
  • 1, 3, 2, 6 and 1, 3, 2, 4: This is a set series of numbers based on which you will add chips to your bet. The bet increases with each win and returns to the initial bet after a loss.

Baccarat Variations

Punto Banco is a popular version of the game and much resembles the classic rules of Baccarat. There is Mini Baccarat or Super 6, where there is no commission, but the players only receive 50% of the payout if the banker wins with a 6.

Then there are games like Ez Baccarat, which follows the rules of Super 6 with an added rule that if the banker’s hand wins with a 7 from three cards, all the banker bets are push. Variants like Dragon 7 Baccarat pay 40:1 instead of this push rule.

Live Baccarat games like Lightning Baccarat and XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat offer random multipliers from 2x-8x on up to five cards in a deck that is applied to the final payout. However, players must pay a 20% commission on each bet for the enormous multipliers.

Enjoy Baccarat at Babu88 and have a fun-filled experience.