How To Play 29 Card Game?

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29 Card Game

Card games are present everywhere in Southeast Asia. In the olden times and even now, family and friends gather in groups to enjoy games like Teen Patti, Flash, Seep, and 29.

As the world went digital, software developers created online versions of many of these games so that you can find many of these game variants in online casinos like Babu88.  You can find many poker variants from developers like Ezugi and Playtech at top Bangladesh casinos.

29 card game is similar to the ‘Bhabhi’ card game popular in the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. It has many similarities with other trick-taking games like Piquet, Shengi Ji, or Bridge. This article will discuss the rules of 29 card game in detail.

Game Objective

29 is a trick-taking game where a trick is one round of play where each of the four players plays their card. The winner is decided based on whoever has sent the highest valued card or has the trump card in a trick. The winner of a round takes all the cards of the trick. The points on the cards are totalled at the end.

Players would initially bid on the number of points they would earn, and they have to beat that number as a team to be the round winner.

Deck Formulation

The game uses a German deck version with 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6’s removed. Effectively, only 32 cards are used to play the actual game. All the 2s, 3s, 4s, and 5s are given to each player separately, and they would use them merely to indicate the trump or the ‘power’ card of the game.

6’s are used to indicate the final game point.


The game is played with four players in two teams, with players in one team sitting opposite each other. The combined points of both the players in a team decide the winner.

Card Values

The game follows an unconventional points system, with Jacks having the highest value. The other face cards and all 7s and 8s have no value. 9s have 2 points each, followed by Aces and 10s with one point each.

All these card points count to 28, and the person playing the last hand of the trick gets one additional point, bringing the total points in the game to 29. Some modern-day variants of the 29-card game do not have the last-point rule.

Initial Phase

The game starts with each player dealt the extra 2s, 3s, 4s, and 5s to indicate the trump. After that, each player is dealt four cards each. Players will not reveal the cards in their hands anytime during the gameplay.

The game starts with each player bidding the points they think they can earn based on their cards. A player with more Js or 9s would likely bid a higher number. The highest bidder gets to choose the trump suit for the round. The minimum bid is 15, while the maximum is 28.

The player to the dealer’s left gets the chance to bid first. The subsequent players can only raise the bid and not lower it. Players also have the option not to bid and pass the opportunity. They likely pass if they feel they do not have many high-point cards in their hand.

The bid is finalised when three consecutive players pass the bidding. Now, the highest bidder decides the trump or the power suit of the game. They would move the card of the suit to the bottom from their extra cards, all kept face down, one on top of the other separately.

Once the trump is decided, each player gets four more cards, so each player has eight cards.

Actual Gameplay

The first player to the left of the dealer starts the game. Players will likely play high-value cards like Js first since they will likely beat all the other cards in a trick. The players coming next have to match the suit of the initial card.

If the player does not have a similar suit to the running trick, the highest bidder reveals their trump card. Now, there could be different scenarios:

  • The player playing the trump card will win the trick if it is the only trump card in the trick.
  • If two players play trump cards, the higher-valued trump card wins.
  • If no player throws a trump card in the trick, the highest card of the base suit wins the trick.
  • If all four cards in a trick belong to different suits, the first player wins the trick, irrespective of the subsequent high cards.

Playing a trump card is not mandatory if a player does not have the base suit cards. It is up to them to decide whether they want to play the trump card or wish to save it for further rounds.

Royal Cards: Special Rule

Royal Cards Special Rule

It is a special rule that can change the value of the highest bid by four points. When the trump card is revealed, and a player has the royal pair, ie. Q and K of the trump suit get the special power.

If that player is part of the bidding team, their bid value lowers by four points; if they are from the opposite team, the bid value of the bidding team increases by four points.

However, the value of the bid stays between 15 and 28.

Scoring System

After all the tricks are dealt, the points for both teams are counted from the tricks they have collected. The last player in the trick gets an additional point.

If the bidding team collects points above their bid value, they get one ‘game point’ indicated by a red 6 kept to the side. If they fail, they will show a black 6 and the opposite team will show a red 6 face up and keep to the side.

Six subsequent game rounds are played, and the team that gets +6 game points wins the game. The team with -6 game points lose the game.


Though the game might look complicated at first look, once you have played a round or two, you can understand it easily. Players can ace the game by counting the cards passed during the previous tricks. It gives them an idea of the cards left with their opponents, and they can play their hand accordingly.

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